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“ Sometimes YOU have to be the change that THEY speak about ”

As a professional Political Candidate since 2021, EDWARD “BEAU” CAMPBELL, JR.  is officially running for the elected office of Madera County Board of Supervisors district # 5.  I have been a member of Eastern Madera Mountain Community for the past 40 plus years.  My family has been in the Cattle Ranching business for an even longer amount of years. My wife of 44 years and I are extremely proud of our eight children. I worked as a Real Estate Broker, Licensed General Contractor and Paralegal to care for my large family.

Our family has supported the schools,  businesses and local economy for the past 40 years. My eight children have all graduated from the local schools. As a result we are fully vested and genuinely committed to the future development and growth of the greater Oakhurst area and its outlying communities.

I look forward to gaining the backing and support of local groups as well as my constituents for the duration of my campaign. I would greatly appreciate your vote in the upcoming June 2022 election. I may not have any of the special interest groups monies nor a flashy campaign slogan but, I do so earnestly intend to carry out the will of the voters if given the opportunity to serve as Madera County Supervisor.

Thank you,

Beau Campbell,  “The 2022 Candidate” for Madera County Supervisor District # 5. 
P. O. Box 332 Raymond Ca 93653 Madera County Board of Supervisors district # 5. 
(559) 760-8834


Meet Edward "Beau" Campbell, Jr.

Meet Edward "Beau" Campbell, Jr.

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It is extremely important that the voices be heard about issues the issues that are unique to Eastern Madera County residents.

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EDWARD “BEAU” CAMPBELL, JR. Madera County Supervisor District # 5

24836 Rd 407
Raymond, Madera County 93653


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